The Story of Denman construction


Denman Construction began with my dad’s one-liners, his heart of gold, and a passion to be the best builder in Brookings, South Dakota. His dream soon became mine, and on a cold January day in 1977, with a ’62 Chevy pickup truck, $500, and dad’s old tools, we were in business.


We’re in the building business, the people business. Our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship build trust in our ability to understand and care about our customers’ dreams.

We deepen that trust when a client comes to us with his dream, a dream that his new home will have the appearance of an old house from the woods of Montana, untouched for years, which he had discovered and remodeled. We take that dream and make it ours by crafting aged doors, windows with stained glass, and antique wood floors and walls.

Our passion extends beyond each home, to the community. Respect for others and their surroundings strengthen the trust in our company. It’s repositioning a wall of windows in a 15,000 square foot home to keep it from polluting the skyline of the community in the valley below with its towering light.

By wisdom a house is built
And through understanding it is
Through knowledge its rooms are
Filled with rare and beautiful
-Proverbs (24:3-4)

Denman Construction strives to fill homes with the treasure and beauty that lives in our customers’ hearts and minds. When building these homes, we surround ourselves with craftsmen that we can trust to understand and create these dreams. We only work with subcontractors who share the same values: honesty, respect, creativity, and that desire to be the best.

It is the trust in the quality of what we are doing that is uncommon, yet it is that same trust that binds me like a child to his father. That trust is the reason this company has grown over the years and will continue to grow…